The weak puppet-king of Judah. What little power he obtained from his coronation corrupted him instantly.

Zedekiah was a largely forgotten (or ignored) heir to the throne of Judah, that is, until Lord Drezzar needed a new puppet. Zedekiah is the last king in a long stream of thinning blood. The legacy of his forebears have left him little foundation on which to build his rule. The power and majesty that the King of Judah once held is now long departed. Princes, priests, and others vie for control of the city, her wealth, and her holy places.The King is but a pawn in  a complex soap opera of deceit, lies, murder, and betrayal. Add to this hellish recipe the naive and selfish demeanor of Zedekiah and it is no wonder his example will lead the Holy City to her doom. Though he was installed on the throne at age twenty-one, Zedekiah refuses to act like anything but a two-year-old. Spoiled and spiteful, this young man abuses his servants and his people for sport. At least, that’s when he has the energy for it. Most of his life has been spent in apathy, and it has only amplified since he was given the royal scepter.