What are people saying?

We were curious why people were buying From the Dust ... so we asked them.


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5/5

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“The quality you might see ... at Dreamworks or at pixar.”

Thomas Hill, LDS Father

“I was fascinated by ... the boldness of his vision... 

Jeffrey Needles, The Association for Mormon Letters

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"Michael Mercer is attempting to do for the Book of Mormon (and parts of the Bible) what Disney and Pixar have done for fairy tales... I am convinced that many LDS children will appreciate this series, and will be excited to get each new chapter as it comes out."

Colby Townsend, The Association for Mormon Letters

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... Insanely ambitious ... 

Theric Jepson, Motley Vision

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“I was encouraged by Michael's passion ... and his knowledge of the source material.”

Garrett Batty, Director of The Saratov Approach


“Your project has inspired me ... Your focus on education and exposure to both scripture and art-making makes your ideas stand out. I have seen other Book of Mormon subjects come and go but I think your project is a keeper!”

— Micah Clegg, smokinpencil.com

“ This is A ...  visually stimulating adventure for the eyes and a creative work that challenges the mind. 

Tabb Clements, the Association for Mormon Letters

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“From the Dust comics are way cool and also full of scholarship to back them up. I was impressed. If you have young boys (or super cool girls) these might rock your world. Your grown up boy might like it, too. (I got one signed for Rocky, my soon to be husband!)”

— Felice Austin, co-author, The Gift of Giving Life

“The moment my kids saw it they loved it ... My cousin commented on how nice it was that they were playing ‘Book of Mormon’ rather than Transformers ... !”

Heather Farrell, womeninthescriptures.blogspot.com

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