A smart, educated woman of high class but pragmatic character.

Sariah is a woman with a singular spirit. From the time of her youth she has had a strong will of her own, but ever has she sought the welfare of others. She loves to build community environments: in her family, in her home town, in her nation — everywhere. For Sariah, life is meaningless without people to fill it up.

Twenty years ago she fell in love with Lehi for his bravado and courage and she has never fallen out of love since. Her family is her joy. Whereas Lehi struggles as a father, Sariah is a born nurturer. She knows what her children need, and she does her best to give it to them, be it discipline, care, attention, or freedom. Her worst fear is to see her children give in to their more carnal natures...or succumb to the physical and spiritual dangers of her fallen nation.

Her family life has required from her enormous energy. Laman, her eldest, has been more than a handful to raise. Temperamental and strong, he has tested Sariah’s patience since his birth. His brother Lemuel only magnified the trouble. Sariah has discovered her children are far more talented and intelligent than she will ever be. As such, she has learned to rely heavily on the whisperings of the Spirit. More often than not her family’s unique struggles have left her with nowhere else to turn but Yahweh Himself.

Sariah’s Hebrew heritage can be traced back to Abraham, and from Father Abraham all the way back to Adam. A part of her family has always been faithful and she is determined to continue that noble tradition.