Nice guy, but gun-shy.

There isn’t anything that Sam can’t fear. Life is nervous. Sam’s only solace is pleasing people, but try that in this family. Poor Sam’s efforts to mediate peace are dismissed before they begin. He is the forgotten middle child, neglected and ignored. If he could find where he put his place in life he would gladly sit on it forevermore.

Unlike his elder brothers who are intelligent, strong, and confident, Sam struggles just to get by. He’s not good at all that “guy” stuff — like hunting, or picking fights. In fact, Sam’s not really good at…well, at most things, really.

Sam’s only significant bond in the family is with his mother — in the kitchen. It’s the one place he finds himself able to be useful. In a family of extraordinary talent and brilliant minds the kitchen brings peace and a chance for him to participate — at least, until the dinner table is set and the conversations begin.

Although Sam is nothing like his family, time will show that he’s a vital and important member of it — that extra ingredient that really makes the meal complete. Its presence is so subtle you don’t really notice it…until you’ve run out.