An educated, evil elitist that will work any situation to his advantage with lies, treachery, deceit, and violence.


Pashur is the Chief Priest of the Temple, and the Prophet of the Church of Yahweh. His entire life he has slowly, subtly, and craftily increased his power. Now he rules Jerusalem in every way except by holding the royal scepter. His obsession to be king drives all his actions.

The only way to become so is to manipulate and destroy the culture and religion of the Israelites until they will accept someone not of the house of David on the throne. He will go to any lengths to make this happen, including making sacrifices to pagan gods.

Pashur’s heart is cold, callused, and cowardly. Despite his wolfish size he will do anything to mitigate physical harm to himself. His lying tongue is his greatest weapon, and Jeremiah the Prophet is his life-long enemy. Indeed, it was Pashur who beat Jeremiah and threw him in the stocks above the Holy Temple of Yahweh...