To celebrate From the Dust's debut into official professional comic book life, I've redesigned all the art prints to include this rad seal:


The Paleo-Hebrew ring reads "Property of Baruch ben Neriah"

Who was Baruch ben Neriah?

For those that don't know, From the Dust uses seals inspired by

a real artifact found in Israel

- the Seal of Baruch ben Neriah, the scribe of Jeremiah the prophet.

Baruch (BAH-rook, rhymes with Luke) is one of the many unsung heroes of the scriptures. It was his faith and determination that helped Jeremiah's prophecies be heard in the temple, in the throne room, and elsewhere in Jerusalem at the time of Lehi.  I would not be surprised if, when the full story is told (after this life when we die), he contributed much to the writing of the Book of Jeremiah as well as other books of the Old Testament.

In an Old Testament chapter strikingly similar to many sections of the modern Doctrine & Covenants

, Baruch is both chastised and promised special blessings by Jeremiah, who is clearly the mouthpiece of the Lord to all the true believers of that time.

Comic Con Booth Update

I have over 50 fine art prints that I have never offered before. All of these will have the special Seal of Baruch on them. To accommodate this multiplication of artwork, I've had to custom-design towers and furniture that can be transported in your average vehicle but assembled to look very professional.

Right now it's a mess.

This is my living room:


I promise to have everything in order by Thursday!!

See you then!

Why Spider Comics? Part 2.2




My best friend,


, studies spiders. He specializes in a common but unique spider called the jumping spider (genus salticidae for you science nerds). He's taught me a lot about this cute little oddball of the arachnid world.

They have style.

When I say cute, I mean it. They're adorable!



Yes those big black things are its real eyes. It sports 6 additional, smaller eyes as well. Their vision is unusually keen for arachnids, and I'm pretty sure it makes them better artists. Just look at their fashion sense: You don't see that kind of pizazz pulled off very often.


They have honor.

Rather than being gutless sissies that set traps (typical spiders) the jumping spider is a noble warrior that hunts down his prey honorably, and then -- you guessed it -- jumps on them! A dual to the death commences, just like a lion and its prey.


They have strength.

One of the chief characteristics of the jumping spider is his tiny size -barely the size of your fingernail (and that's the big ones). And yet packed in him is remarkable speed, agility, and strength. They set a high standard for their counterparts to compete with.

To sum it up:

In a world full of trap-setting, blood-sucking assassins, jumping spiders are the little guys that fight fair and pack a lot of punch. As a new addition to the comic book industry, we kind of identified with that. You see? Not all spiders are gross. 

From the Dust #1 Multi-Touch

At long last, no more scrolls!

Are you tired of carrying around those huge Isaiah scrolls? Does finding chapter 60 cause a huge mess?  Well, look no further! We've got the world's greatest advancement since papyrus!

Introducing the Multi-Touch version of From the Dust, sporting a beautiful back-lit LED display that makes our high-quality, colorful artwork rival the beauty of Egyptian hieroglyphs - nay, it surpasses it!

Perfect for that scriptorian you love so dearly but that struggles under the weight of 10,000 scrolls.

We're just waiting for approval at Apple's iBookstore, then it will be available in the U.S., Canada, UK, Austrailia, and New Zealand for just $14.99 for over 220 beautiful images.


From the Dust #1: The Last King of Judah is officially on its way to the iBookstore!

Check out these screenshots!


Why Spider Comics? part 1.2


Our company mascot is a destructive, easily-agitated jumping spider. In our current logo you can only see his glowing eyes, but here's an older version.


Our mascot's story is innocent enough. He was once quite cute, until an unfortunate series of events occurred. Here's the story:

Gob Frank Mank Na-Na

A young, struggling alchemist sneaks into his Master's laboratory in an attempt to redeem his pathetic grades, but things go terribly wrong.


Sariah and the Rain


Sariah experiences the first rain after a long drought.


I've always I have always pictured Sariah as the gardener of the family. Rain is so precious in the Middle East...what would it be like to feel it after a long drought?

Especially as a mother of four boys who are always eating, I'm sure it is a wonderful feeling!

New Website! Finally got it right.

New Website!

I know it must seem like I keep redoing the website rather than finish the Multi-Touch and make issue #2...but...as it turns out I have links in the Multi-Touch to the website. After realizing this, it made sense to just redo the website and then finish the Multi-Touch (which is, by the way, very very close!)

Multi-Touch has just one week left of work!

My guess is the Multi-Touch of #1 is about a week's worth of work from being finished. Unfortunately, I have to finish a client job this week. :\

Preview of new www.BookofMormonComic.com

The good news is I finally got the website "right." It loads and looks beautiful on desktops and mobile devices and is really easy to read and use on both as well. I think it is a step in the right direction!

Please note you can get the first 10 pages of From the Dust #1 as a free PDF download on the website, too!

Visit the website >>


Website might be a little slow loading

Please note that I'm hosting locally so the download may take a second. I still have to optimize everything so just be patient with it! Hopefully it won't take too long!

Getting antsy for Issue #2

I've had a lot of time to ponder From the Dust #2 and it's going to get a little more story added to it. I know fans have been dying for more than 2 minutes of comics to read (believe me, I am too!). Just remember From the Dust is designed to have a whole team of people creating an issue per month and right now it's just little old me... and I have to run everything else, too! Yuck.

To this end, however, I'm toying with the idea of using all of issue #2 for story and having just one or two pages of educational features in it. Anyway, we'll see! It's just an idea...

RadioInterviews on KTALK AM630!

A wonderful and short 15-minute radio interview giving the overview of From the Dust. 

February 2013.

A longer 45-minute radio interview that provides a lot of peripheral information on the creation and history of From the Dust.

April 2013.

From the Dust Comic Con Sep 5-7!

It's True! This year is the FIRST EVER Salt Lake City Comic Convention!

It's very timely for me for sure! I'm taking From the Dust there and hopefully we'll have a grand time!

Get your tickets and more info here.

Like it on Facebook here (also get entered to win free tickets).


Go to http://saltlakecomiccon.com for more info!

AND PLAN ON BEING THERE! It's only $30 for a three day pass! That's crazy!

I will post more info on my location once I have it and definitely plan on me having some cool new stuff for From the Dust!

the biggest story has never been told.


Jerusalem was tragically destroyed as recorded in the Book of Jeremiah in the Old Testament.

A fascinating "hidden" goldmine of scripture.

One of the facts I bring to light in From the Dust #1 is that a huge portion of our scriptures were written during about a 40-year time period immediately prior to and after the destruction of Jerusalem in 587 BC.

The prophets during this time period were so prolific that their combined writings are as long as the entire New Testament -


A forgotten tale forgotten no more.

And yet this important part of history is often neglected by the Christian world. When I conducted polls I found about one in ten Christians could tell me a line or two about the prophet Jeremiah. (He was in Jerusalem when it was destroyed, FYI.)

Now, I’m not one to claim that this story is more important than the stories we Christians do focus on - the stories of Christ - but I am here to claim that from the Latter-day Saint perspective, this story is a vital prelude to His coming. Indeed, for Latter-day Saints the story of the destruction of Jerusalem - one of the most heart-wrenching and tragic stories in all of history - is no tragedy at all, but a triumph of human perseverance and the Divine’s inspiring loyalty to the Covenant People.

Why hasn't it been told before? The Bible is the world's most-published book!

The reason why no one has told the story of Jerusalem’s destruction is, in my opinion, because most people see this story as only a tragedy. The Book of Mormon, however, dispels many of the mysteries surrounding Jerusalem’s destruction (but not all, of course) and anyone would be wise to understand how it illuminates the story of the destruction of Jerusalem. Combining the Old Testament and Book of Mormon accounts reveals a dying culture with strong motivations that “make sense.” Without the Book of Mormon, it is not as clear what exactly was happening in Jerusalem immediately prior to its destruction.

Girl's Camp Fundraiser

From the Dust raises funds for girl's camp in Lincoln, Nebraska!


My younger sister, Maria, was put in charge of raising funds for her ward's girl's camp. With only 10 days advance notice she put together a spaghetti dinner auction that had over 100 attendees! Now that's cool. She had numerous items that she was able to get donated for the auction. Of those items were some issues of From the Dust! From the Dust raised over 10% of the auction's total, raising well over $100.

If your ward has fund-raising needs I can make a deal that will provide ample profits for your ward. Just email me at michael@spidercomics.com!

From the Dust Apparel!!!

New Zazzle.com/FromtheDust Store open!


Zazzin' it up with cool new From the Dust apparel! All sizes and colors available!

One of the coolest new projects I launched last week was a huge arsenal of awesome new From the Dust apparel for your latest fan!

I've had quite a few fans ask if they can get their favorite characters on a good-lookin' t-shirt and now you can -- on over 90 VARIETIES of shirts, hoodies, baby jumpers, and more!!!

I have over 15 pieces of character artwork available immediately.

Check'em out on the Zazzle store!! >>

From the Dust was #1 Hottest Book at Women's Conference!

It's true! We got the stats back from Women's Conference and From the Dust was the best-selling book out of the entire Bookstore! Not bad for just a "comic book," right? We sold over 100 books in just two days! Pretty amazing considering 99% of the people we met had never even heard of From the Dust!

Starting out Women's Conference. Yes that's me. I know pictures of me are rare. I'm usually taking them.

Keely! She helped out both days. Not pictured are Andy & Chelsea who also volunteered.

The booth. Small but effective.

What our booth looked like most of the time.


May 4 was FREE COMIC BOOK DAY (happens yearly, FYI). I dropped by a comic book shop and met Spidey. I also got pulled in for some signings and sketches unexpectedly, but we didn't get any pictures of that, sorry! The place was packed!! Got to see my friend Jake Parker.

I'm on vacation to San Diego for a week or two so I will update you when I get back and get cruising again with work!! Why San Diego? http://swingdiego.com

From the Dust at Women's Conference at BYU BOOKSTORE THIS WEEK!

I will be at the BYU Bookstore selling From the Dust, signing stuff, and generally having a party on:

THURSDAY MAY 2, from 2:30pm - 6:00pm


FRIDAY MAY 3, from 10:00am - 3:00pm

Get a free 19" by 27" poster for EACH book you buy!

Fan Friday #11 - LAST ONE ON THE BLOG - Moving to Twitter @MormonComic

This week's jackpot is a Collector's Edition "Hope Whispers" Poster! ($8 value!)

Congratulations! Our Fan Friday winner is Diane from...somewhere. Congrats Diane! We'll contact you and get that mailed as soon as we get your mailing address!

Next Week's Item: A Collector's Edition From the Dust #0: Things to Come ($6 value!)

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Off to Work! From the Dust.


Jobs aren't so bad.

Yes, it's true. I have a day job. From the Dust is definitely growing, and there are a LOT of seeds planted, but as a self-publishing self-producing self-promoting project it was only a matter of time before my bills had to be taken care of. You gotta eat! That starving artist notion is actually false. I don't know anyone that is starving that makes inspirational art. You have to have fuel for creativity...and that includes food.

Day job perks include:

  • Talking to other human beings. (Pretty rare at home, actually.)
  • Going out to lunch.
  • Top-secret projects (I'm on an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) so I can't say much about the job.)
  • Educational environment.
  • Free smoothies!


I will be at BYU Bookstore during Thursday and Friday next week for Women's Conference! I will have two cool new posters. Check'em out. Not for sale. I need them for my display!


Drop by the BYU Bookstore and I'll sign anything you want! I will also be handing out free posters with a purchase of every copy of From the Dust #1: The Last King of Judah! THAT'S A STEAL FOLKS!!!