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Sariah and the Rain


Sariah experiences the first rain after a long drought.


I've always I have always pictured Sariah as the gardener of the family. Rain is so precious in the Middle East...what would it be like to feel it after a long drought?

Especially as a mother of four boys who are always eating, I'm sure it is a wonderful feeling!

the biggest story has never been told.


Jerusalem was tragically destroyed as recorded in the Book of Jeremiah in the Old Testament.

A fascinating "hidden" goldmine of scripture.

One of the facts I bring to light in From the Dust #1 is that a huge portion of our scriptures were written during about a 40-year time period immediately prior to and after the destruction of Jerusalem in 587 BC.

The prophets during this time period were so prolific that their combined writings are as long as the entire New Testament -


A forgotten tale forgotten no more.

And yet this important part of history is often neglected by the Christian world. When I conducted polls I found about one in ten Christians could tell me a line or two about the prophet Jeremiah. (He was in Jerusalem when it was destroyed, FYI.)

Now, I’m not one to claim that this story is more important than the stories we Christians do focus on - the stories of Christ - but I am here to claim that from the Latter-day Saint perspective, this story is a vital prelude to His coming. Indeed, for Latter-day Saints the story of the destruction of Jerusalem - one of the most heart-wrenching and tragic stories in all of history - is no tragedy at all, but a triumph of human perseverance and the Divine’s inspiring loyalty to the Covenant People.

Why hasn't it been told before? The Bible is the world's most-published book!

The reason why no one has told the story of Jerusalem’s destruction is, in my opinion, because most people see this story as only a tragedy. The Book of Mormon, however, dispels many of the mysteries surrounding Jerusalem’s destruction (but not all, of course) and anyone would be wise to understand how it illuminates the story of the destruction of Jerusalem. Combining the Old Testament and Book of Mormon accounts reveals a dying culture with strong motivations that “make sense.” Without the Book of Mormon, it is not as clear what exactly was happening in Jerusalem immediately prior to its destruction.

Girl's Camp Fundraiser

From the Dust raises funds for girl's camp in Lincoln, Nebraska!


My younger sister, Maria, was put in charge of raising funds for her ward's girl's camp. With only 10 days advance notice she put together a spaghetti dinner auction that had over 100 attendees! Now that's cool. She had numerous items that she was able to get donated for the auction. Of those items were some issues of From the Dust! From the Dust raised over 10% of the auction's total, raising well over $100.

If your ward has fund-raising needs I can make a deal that will provide ample profits for your ward. Just email me at!

From the Dust was #1 Hottest Book at Women's Conference!

It's true! We got the stats back from Women's Conference and From the Dust was the best-selling book out of the entire Bookstore! Not bad for just a "comic book," right? We sold over 100 books in just two days! Pretty amazing considering 99% of the people we met had never even heard of From the Dust!

Starting out Women's Conference. Yes that's me. I know pictures of me are rare. I'm usually taking them.

Keely! She helped out both days. Not pictured are Andy & Chelsea who also volunteered.

The booth. Small but effective.

What our booth looked like most of the time.


May 4 was FREE COMIC BOOK DAY (happens yearly, FYI). I dropped by a comic book shop and met Spidey. I also got pulled in for some signings and sketches unexpectedly, but we didn't get any pictures of that, sorry! The place was packed!! Got to see my friend Jake Parker.

I'm on vacation to San Diego for a week or two so I will update you when I get back and get cruising again with work!! Why San Diego?

From the Dust at Women's Conference at BYU BOOKSTORE THIS WEEK!

I will be at the BYU Bookstore selling From the Dust, signing stuff, and generally having a party on:

THURSDAY MAY 2, from 2:30pm - 6:00pm


FRIDAY MAY 3, from 10:00am - 3:00pm

Get a free 19" by 27" poster for EACH book you buy!


Evening with the Artist and Booksigning!

I will be at Confetti Antiques & Books next Friday, October 19  from 6pm - 8pm to show people a glimpse into the future of From the Dust, sign From the Dust collectibles, and give free drawing lessons to interested parties (perfect for kids!). I will also be available to provide free drawings either on your From the Dust merchandise or in your sketchbook. Gonna be a party! Come out and see me! I will have the iPad app available for interested parties.

From the Dust

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Starting next week you can purchase From the Dust @ the BYU Bookstore. Look for it!