From the Dust was #1 Hottest Book at Women's Conference!

It's true! We got the stats back from Women's Conference and From the Dust was the best-selling book out of the entire Bookstore! Not bad for just a "comic book," right? We sold over 100 books in just two days! Pretty amazing considering 99% of the people we met had never even heard of From the Dust!

Starting out Women's Conference. Yes that's me. I know pictures of me are rare. I'm usually taking them.

Keely! She helped out both days. Not pictured are Andy & Chelsea who also volunteered.

The booth. Small but effective.

What our booth looked like most of the time.


May 4 was FREE COMIC BOOK DAY (happens yearly, FYI). I dropped by a comic book shop and met Spidey. I also got pulled in for some signings and sketches unexpectedly, but we didn't get any pictures of that, sorry! The place was packed!! Got to see my friend Jake Parker.

I'm on vacation to San Diego for a week or two so I will update you when I get back and get cruising again with work!! Why San Diego?