Transitions & Inspiration

Needed Respite.

So, as it turns out starting your own business is a little difficult. The last 6 months have been pretty stressful for me figuring out how to work full-time on a project that wasn't earning me any money (before the launch). I've basically been doing double-duty and it's time for that to calm down a little bit.

I've been doing freelance work and hope to continue to spend my days painting away for other people. The simplified work (aka, not having to train entirely new areas of my brain like business, finance, marketing, website development, iPad development...yes I'm doing it all!) is starting to prove itself helpful and I'm hoping to very soon get back into the swing of creating artwork. Here's a quick concept sketch for a scene with Lehi & Nephi later in From the Dust.


Multi-Touch Book Soon to  be Wrapped!

I will soon be wrapping the Multi-Touch Edition for From the Dust #1 for iPad. It will make someone you know very happy!!


Love y'all!

Thanks for your patience and for being a fan! We're going to get this series off the ground!