q&a with mike mercer

Got questions? I've got answers.

I've had a number of frequently asked questions and so I've decided to start a video series on these. So far I've made seven videos, with quite a few more coming.

These videos explain more about the "whys" of the design of From the Dust. It's very different and at first glance its impossible to fully appreciate the design of the story. It WASN'T ARBITRARY. From the Dust has been VERY CAREFULLY, even PAINSTAKINGLY designed so that it will be a thought-provoking, insightful, family-friendly interpretation of the Book of Mormon and the Old Testament.

One of our most popular questions is "Why is Nephi so young?"


More coming next week! If you have a friend you want to share these with, go ahead!

Check your spam box for winning emails!

Oh, and BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR SPAM BOX! Our Fan Friday winner two weeks ago found a WINNING EMAIL IN HER SPAM BOX. Our winning emails say they are time-sensitive (you have one week to respond) but if it's a spam box issue we will ALWAYS make an exception to that rule. We will send out a newsletter email soon and announce it on FB and here on the blog to ensure all our fans are receiving our emails. We haven't sent any newsletter emails since the first week of February -- I will try to get one out later this week and update everyone!

Zazzle Store

I gave a sneak peak two weeks ago about some From the Dust apparel that will be available VERY SOON. I'm still working on it so it's not ready to launch, but you can check out


to get an idea of how diverse the online store will be.

Later! Talk to you again soon! I'm working hard at getting the business side of things done. I hope to get to the iPad app next week which puts its release at late April.