From the Dust World Premiere.

Humble Origins.

I threw a World Premiere Party for friends and their families last week (don't worry - we have public events coming soon!) We had a wonderful turnout of over 50 people throughout the night! The primary purpose of the party was to help educate people on my vision of From the Dust

.From the Dust isn't just a "comic book" but rather it is more like a Disney film that just happens to not be animated. From the Dust, once complete, will be one of the biggest graphic novels in the world, and will be the only comic book series -OR- movie that tells the story of the destruction of Jerusalem in the Old Testament and Book of Mormon. Luckily, this unique series is also designed for a family audience, so adults, teenagers, and children will all find it entertaining and educational.

Now, let's look at the party!


Starting the process of putting concept artwork on the walls of my living room.


Almost done! Notice the huge stacks of paper that didn't get put up due to lack of time!!!


All of this artwork was created while I had a broken foot a couple summers ago.


PARTY! On the right you can see someone flipping through the 250-page "screenplay."

It's only 25% done. From the Dust is a BIG DREAM. Don't the scriptures deserve it???!??


This is promotional product I didn't intend to sell but people

started asking me for it and I sold quite a few!


My comments are green-post-its, other people's comments are other colors.

 The walls were covered by the end of the night!


Can you believe that you never had a comic book about the Book of Mormon???


It's hard not to fall in love with From the Dust once you read it.


The new Multi-Touch Book was available to demo!!


Some of From the Dust's most loyal fans!!

Over 100 copies sold in 2.5 hours!

I wasn't intending to sell very many copies of

From the Dust

, but I felt it was important to have it at the party for purchase. By the end of the night, however, we'd sold over 100 copies!!! AMAZING! Thanks to everyone who supported the project!

To all you fans please add your review to


! We need your help to get From the Dust off the ground and flying! We're selling a lot but we still have a lot more to go!