it's Growing Up...and FAST!

New Marketing Campaign:

So I didn't exactly go to school for marketing, but an amazing social media director has been helping me to understand and sell From the Dust much better than ever before.

Compared to previous ads, I think these below are lightyears ahead of where we were just a few months ago. And boy is it a lot of work!

Keep in mind some are to be used in conjunction with a Facebook post.

I am making literally hundreds of these for use throughout the entire next year.


Multi-Touch Edition delayed to April:

All of this marketing stuff distracts from creation of the actual products themselves! As such I have yet to finalize and complete the Multi-Touch Edition of From the Dust #1: The Last King of Judah, so it won't be out until April. Have patience! I'm only one man, remember, and I do have quite a few other things I'm working on!!

Patience, grasshopper. Patience!!!