Real Needs. Real Purpose. Real Value.

From the Dust serves the needs of Latter-day Saints — in particular children. Many LDS families feel a need to bridge the gap between ancient scripture and modern life, but aren't always sure how to effectively do that.

From the Dust

is a tool designed to bridge that gap.

As a creator, favorite thing to see is my creations fulfilling their purpose in life. Here are just a few taken from fan feedback, online reviews, and book reviews from professionals:

Real Feedback.

“The kids loved, LOVED the books I gave them. Keira's been reading it when she wakes up in the mornings and Jonathan looks at the pictures.”

Kenny, Utah, USA

“I was very taken with From The Dust. The artwork is amazing, but the writing & research and passionate effort that went into this one book in the series is astounding! I look forward to reading and enjoying the next one, and the next one and the next one! Double thumbs up!”

Jacqueline, Johannesberg,South Africa

“Wow. Just Wow. What an amazingly entertaining and educational piece of interpretive art! I'm very impressed and I can't wait for the second issue!”

Alvin, Virginia, USA

“The artwork and storyline are intriguing, educational, and fun. From the Dust is a fun way to learn, and even more fun to share with family and friends. I look forward to the continuation of the story.”

"LDS Grandfather," USA

“I was expecting just a comic book. What I got was the back story to the fall of Jerusalem, character studies, a bit of a Hebrew lesson, advice on drawing and beautiful artwork. I was expecting a simple re-telling of the Book of Mormon. What I got caused me to be more interested in reading the Bible, particularly the Book of Jeremiah and wanting more. I was expecting to buy one for myself. What I got was enough to share with friends and family.”

Mary, Utah, USA

Multi-Touch Update

I will have news about the Multi-Touch Edition of From the Dust next week.

Zazzing It Up!

I will also have news about this stuff: