Multi-Touch Update

Almost done! The Multi-Touch is nearing completion and I wanted to give you a *very* brief overview. I recorded this video like 5 times and couldn't get under 5-6 minutes to show you all the features so I decided just to highlight the biggest features...just know it is PACKED with features including:

(shown in video)
  • multi-touch artwork able to be scaled and manipulated
  • excellent study tools for family scripture study
  • additional content not available in the print version
(not shown in video)
  • glossary
  • robust notetaking/notecards/study/highlight features
  • image galleries
  • quizzes
  • built-in dictionary, wikipedia, and web search
  • Hebrew Learning Edition of Chapter 1: The Last King of Judah
  • and more!

Platform: iPad and iPad Mini.

Cost: $14.99 on Apple's iBookstore.

Release: March 2013