Introducing Fan Friday!

Introducing Fan Fridays!

With the launch of our first products, we also wanted to reach out more with our fans. To our continental U.S. fans, while you are signed up for our email newsletter you will be entered to win a weekly drawing for free posters, comics, and fan kits! This week is a "Hope Whispers" Poster! Winners announced each Friday on




The Hope Whispers Poster! One lucky winner will get one this Friday! $8 value/free shipping.

WinnerAnnounced on


So sign up for the newsletter!

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From the Dust Newsletter

Library and Bookstore Tour.

Starting in March I will be touring various locations in Utah and Salt Lake Valleys. We will post a schedule later but if you want the most up-to-date info you'll want to follow the blog or Twitter feeds.

Updated Website.

Also check out the new website which highlights the Multi-Touch Edition!