Printer Update!

From the Dust is being printed as you read this!

Finally it's at the printers! Reasons it took a little longer than I anticipated:

  • The book is longer than I thought it would be, but it has everything an introduction to a new series and world would need (and, I might add, it's also a new type of product - a serial graphic novel so that was kind of rough to figure out how that would work)
  • It has over 250 illustrations! Compare that with the next children's book you purchase (need I mention the quality difference?)
  • Freelance work kept me away from the project a bit (I do have bills to pay)
  • There were printer errors with the RIP (raster image processor) with my print files (not my fault, really!)
  • And...let's face it, it's my first big publishing endeavor and I made a few errors on the way. Luckily not one of them made it into the final book that you will receive! (at least, that I know of anyhow)

More Good News!

 On a positive note, I am getting a lot faster at this making graphic novels thing and I've designed the project in such a way that future books I won't have to worry about all this layout/design nonsense and I can just focus on story - which is what all of us really want, right? More gorgeous storytelling!

So, let's be patient as we wait for dinner to cook in the oven.


Lastly, From the Dust's second birthday is on the horizon and I'll have some big news for that, too!

I always have cool stuff cooking in my oven. You should have learned that by now. :)

Here's an oldie but a goodie. I'm not sure if I've posted it a way that you can see it full-res like this!


Laman hunts a wild beast in Arabia.