From the Dust Newsletter


From the Dust Newsletter.

As we anticipate the *very* soon release of From the Dust #1, please consider signing up for our Newsletter. Here's what you get:

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Why is today a great day?

Also, when you sign up, you get a chance to tell us why today is a great day. Here are some responses from December!

"Because I'm a Mormon!!!"

-- Anthony

"Because I found you!!!! Love that you are helping bring truth back!"

-- April

"Christmas Eve:  The day before Christ was born."

-- Chris

"I got the Fan Kit for Christmas and loved it! Can't wait for From the Dust #1!"

-- Colby

"I've been looking for something like this."

-- David

"It's an awesome day - my leave started today."

-- Debbie

"God has given me comfort.  :D "

-- Debra

"This comic is going to be awesome!"

-- Dustin

"My 11 year thinks this is SO cool!  That's awesome!"

-- Honor

"It's a great day because it's stormy and windy outside and I have two days off work."

-- Inari

"My grandson will love this series of books!"

-- Jimmy

"Because I just found out about From The Dust!"

-- Kel

"To Day is a whole new beginning to a wonderful world of learning it's never to late for new thighs in life."

-- Luz

 (PS - Luz, I'm not sure where you got your new thighs...but I'm glad they are working out!)

Anyway, see you soon! My next post...I will be giving you the REAL release date! Yes...we're that close!!!