Release Delayed!!!

From the Dust #1 Release Delayed!

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the release has been delayed! Our original release date was today, but expect a delay of up to two weeks. We will post the new release as soon as we are able!


Great question! First, it's because the book has an additional 10 pages of content! It's now over 107 pages long! Second, it's because it's looking AMAZING! Jam-packed with very high quality artwork. Pictures truly are worth 1000 words...which makes From the Dust #1 worth something like 200,000+ words!

What this means for Christmas.

If you want From the Dust #1 as a Christmas present it means you will need to order it online or plan on picking it up the week before Christmas.

Donnie Morris of Confetti Antiques and Books can help you out with pre-orders and online orders. 801-798-0137

Here's a few spreads from the character section to tide you over during this short delay. The entire book looks like this! (Except for a sneak peek section that is in black and white.)