From the Dust in Spanish Fork!

You can now buy From the Dust in retail stores! Well, store, at the moment. Donnie Morris from Confetti Antiques & Books interviewed me last week on Turning the Page, which plays on the local cable station for Spanish Fork. We've been selling quite a few products there at his store. In fact, he's already sold like 1/5 of my stock! Yikes! Better print more before I start selling to more stores!


Confetti Antiques & Books

273 North Main

Spanish Fork, UT

Price Drop!

 The prices have also dropped on the comics. Thank you to all of you who purchased it at the Farmer's Market've been supporting a great cause and I hope you feel it was an honest price (it was, just FYI.) I've been working hard to get the price down to that of a standard comic book and I'm pleased to announce:

From the Dust #0 retails for $5.99. The First Fan Kit (minus poster) retails for$19.99. The Hope Whispers Poster retails for $4.99. Also check out this cool commercial!