Episode #2 and is goin' retail!

In the Media.

From the Dust is getting a lot of attention lately! In addition to Heather Farrell of Women in the Scriptures, Felice, who co-wrote The Gift of Giving Life with Heather and others, posted about From the Dust on their blog!

Also you can read an interesting review of From the Dust by Jeff Needles of The Institute for Mormon Letters (also affiliated with ww.LDSBooklovers.com

TV Interview!

 I had my first TV interview today with Donnie Morris of Confetti Antiques and Books  in Spanish Fork. It will air on local public TV stations and will be up next week on YouTube! Lastly, here's Episode #2 of my Creator's Commentaries speed paintings!

EPISODE #2: Sariah and Her Land of Inheritance

This episode talks about the land of inheritance and how the kingdom of Judah's geography was much different than what we often imagine the Holy Land as (if you're anything like me, you picture it as a flat, dry, dusty place with few trees, little water, and lots of rocks.) Judah was in fact a mountain country filled with valleys and mountain forests. It was so mountainous, in fact, that they had to terrace the hills in order to farm, just like they do in China and other places in the world. Learn more and watch the video! 

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