Sometimes I think the creative process should be called the "tried everything that didn't work" process. I just spend a LOT of time on this page. I wonder now-and-again if I made the right decision in going with the highest quality possible for the artwork...but every time I think about making it anything less than top-notch, I hear: "Is that what you see in your head, Mike? Is that the quality you would want to see Bible stories for kids?"

And the answer is that's not the quality I want to see.

So here's my offering for the week:


It started out in the storyboard version pretty humbly, like most panels do:


You may have noticed the "Bar and Grrrills." If you pronounce it aloud you can hear the pun if the visuals doesn't cue you into it. This late-night bar doubles as a less-than-savory night club, of which there are many in Jerusalem at 600 BCE (at least, my version of Jerusalem). Solomon's is the king of night clubs, and they make their wealth in every filthy way possible. I don't like them. Don't go there or you'll be in big trouble! Not only that, but Jeremiah would be very disappointed in you.