The Sons of Lehi


In From the Dust Issue #2, we meet the Sons of Lehi: Laman, Lemuel, Sam, and Nephi. The Sons of Lehi are well known for their myriad talents and abilities, not the least of which is hunting. Lehi has taught them well, and he expects excellence from them in every field. They do not disappoint. Although still teenagers, Laman (19-years-old) and Lemuel (18-years-old) can outperform, outlast, and outwit (well, maybe not Lemuel…) most anyone at anything. They are physically impressive…and intimidating. Laman and Lemuel are rarely separated, but you won't see Sam (15-years-old) tagging along with them…He's just not quite cool enough to hang out with his older brothers.

One exception to this is hunting, where Lehi has mandated his sons learn to work together as a team. Hunting season is Sam's time to truly prove himself….useless. It's true, unfortunately. Sam isn't very good at hunting, or much of anything. He struggles to find his place in a family full of very talented people. Showing kindness to his younger siblings, and people in general, is one of Sam's many under-valued virtues. In fact, Sam convinces his father to let his younger brother Nephi (12-years-old) come on the hunt this year. His reasons are two-fold; first, he feels Nephi would love the experience and be good at it, and second, he doesn't want to be the only one to screw things up this time around. But Sam doesn't realize that little Nephi has an incredible destiny all his own...

In Issue #2, we witness the Sons of Lehi working together as a hunting pack for the first time. Come back next Tuesday to meet the leaders of this pack: Laman and Lemuel!