Lehi and Sariah -- At last!!



A creative, organizational, and social maven who's genius and integrity has earned him respect throughout the known world.

Lehi was a poor child that led a rough desert life. But he was born with a gift: he's a visionary. He can’t help himself. While a youth his big dreams held little clout, but after mastering the craft of metalworking, they have made him exorbitantly wealthy. Now he is well-respected in both high-neck and low-brow societies the country over. But his highly developed career skills have little use in the small-time environment of his family, where he struggles like any father to teach his children correct principles. He is often unconsciously hard on his sons, especially his birthright son, Laman, who is the principle heir of his fortunes. Lehi sees too much of his own violent desert heritage in Laman--and it reminds him of a past he desperately wants to forget.

Lehi has long been loyal to Yahweh, and has always trusted the supernatural: dreams, impressions, feelings, and gut instincts. For him, living life in the moment is the only way to live. No perfect plan for tomorrow can compensate for a life well-lived today.

He is a renaissance man that is constantly revealing skills and abilities that even his wife of 20 years, Sariah, can be surprised by.

When a majestic vision turns his life upside down, Lehi finds himself at the forefront of a dangerous religiopolitical resistance that will try his courage, faith, and strength to their uttermost limits and beyond.

Lehi is a Striped Hyena, one of the largest carnivores that exists in the Holy Land. He is physically intimidating and very few in all the country can match his powerful stature. Striped hyenas are now extinct in the wild but were once plentiful and very dangerous.


A smart, educated woman of high class but pragmatic character.Sariah is a woman of tremendous character. She fell in love with Lehi for his bravado and courage, and has never fallen out of love since. Her family is her joy. Whereas Lehi struggles as a father, Sariah is a born nurturer. She knows what her children need, and she does her best to give it to them, be it discipline, care, attention, or freedom. Her worst fear is to see her children give into their more carnal natures...or succumb to the dangers of the desert. Sariah's Hebrew heritage can be traced back to Adam. A part of her family has always been faithful and she is determined to continue that noble tradition.

She has been friends with Jeremiah, the Prophet, since she was a child and thinks of him as a grandfather.  Sariah is a Sand Cat, a beautiful desert feline.