Light at the end of the tunnel!

Hallelujah!! A real page! I've been working a long time with this vision in my head and finally am able to start showing people what I've been envisioning....and (drruuuuuuum roll) TA DA!


An Israelite father and his son travel to Jerusalem to sell their olives at the market. Life is good. They live during the time of Solomon the Wise, about 950 BCE. Who said the Bible can't be fun? It is my conviction that many of the greatest stories of all time are contained in the Bible, irrespective of religious content--they're good stories!!!

So this is what the comic will look like. In fact, it is now what it DOES look like. I have completed the color keys for the entire comic, which was more work than expected (I was hoping just to do the first 9 pages which only has 2 lighting schemes, however, the entire comic has like 7 or 8...maybe more...). It set me back 2 days and the inks took an extra 2 days as well. Right now I will be lucky to have the first 9 pages colored by the end of next week.

But quality over quantity. I don't want to sacrifice story or art for speed...especially since I am pushing my limits in all of these areas, and now that I've set this page as the standard I think I have a lot to live up to.

Good luck to me.