The project has definitely evolved significantly in the last 30 days. I will be publishing it as both a comic book series and a graphic novel series.

It will start small, just one comic at a time and I will likely be selling them door-to-door on nights and weekends until I am able to get them into retail stores like Deseret Book. The business side of things has been a real challenge. I spent over a week just working out the mathematical requirements for establishing a publishing company, and as it turns out subscription services and digital comic books get very complex very quickly. Until demand merits subscriptions and digital versions, I will be publishing strictly print comics and selling them via retail or direct sales. I am pretty sure each 40-50 page comic will retail for $4.99.

I have cracked 200 pages of story, which translates into 1.5 graphic novels or about 450 pages of comics. I'm focusing of course on the first one, but in order to make it a comprehensive, epic story I necessarily have to delve into all of the novels to know where my characters will end up and how they will progress from book to book.

Currently the story consists of 6 graphic novels, and each one will be about 300 pages in length. Yes, that's nearly 2000 pages of story, and it may very well be one of the largest graphic novel series in the world...when it's finished.

I have also been busy improving the style of the artwork. I don't have any finished pieces, but here's a low-res color draft of a panel. I am confident it will continue to improve from here.