Having written loads of material, I have shifted gears again and am back producing artwork. The writing diversion helped with defining my evil characters, which to my great delight are suuuuper plentiful. I mean, we are telling the story of the disintegration of a nation! Everyone's a bad guy. I love it!

Also of note: I got the first draft of a new score for the "film" (okay...I call it a film but it's just a comic book...for now). What's that? You didn't know I had an old score, either? SURPRISE! Music is a necessity for epics...right??!!

And the new score rocks (as does the old, which will also be included at launch). It's working title is "Nephi's Love Theme". Once I have a professional, mastered recording of it I will post a snippet as a teaser. Right now it is still being composed, however. A few revisions and then we will progress it to the recording phase.

The current plan is to have both scores available for download on iTunes.

More surprises to come in the future. I love surprises! So expect them! (Does that still make them a surprise???!)

And here's a random ink from a panel: