Ishmael's Villa


I have 50 pages of written material. I wish I could divulge some of the awesome story that is being created, but alas! It would ruin it! But trust me when I say it will be the Book of Mormon like you've never seen before! However, I think everyone will be happily satisfied because it follows the plot of the Nephi's account precisely. I think where the real adventure begins is in getting to know this amazing person and his family!

It's been a busy week, and I wish I had more time to dedicate to this painting, but I must press forward! Some day I will come back and paint this for real!!!!!

I have many more Jerusalem paintings thumbnailed and whenever I have a couple hours free I will paint another and post it!

This is Ishmael's Villa deep in the heart of Jerusalem. It stands as a sentinel of righteousness against a wicked world. At this time in Jerusalem's history the Temple has been desecrated, so this villa is one of the few places left in the Holy City that God's Spirit can dwell. It is here that the believers congregate and hide for safety.