A business maven who’s genius and integrity have earned him respect throughout the known world.

Lehi was a poor child who led a rough, desert life. But he was born with a gift: he’s a visionary. He can’t help himself. While a youth his big dreams held little clout, but after mastering the craft of metalworking, they have made him exorbitantly wealthy. No longer a craftsman, he now runs a highly successful international trade network. His reputation precedes him wherever he goes.

Unfortunately, Lehi’s career skills are of little use in the small-time environment of his family, where he struggles like any father to teach his children correct principles. He is often unconsciously hard on his sons, especially his birthright son, Laman, who is the principle heir of his fortunes. Lehi sees too much of his own violent desert heritage in Laman — and it reminds him of a past he desperately wants to forget.

When a majestic vision turns his life upside down, Lehi finds himself at the forefront of a dangerous religio-political resistance that will try his courage, faith, and strength to their uttermost limits and beyond.