An unconventional but highly charismatic prophet who never gives up. Ever.

Quirky, small, and funny-looking, Jeremiah has never been popular with the ruling class, despite the fact that he has been an advisor to multiple kings. While still a tadpole, Yahweh called him as a prophet. The weight of his assignment — to cry repentance during Jerusalem’s darkest hour — has forced him to cling to all things lively and fun just to guard from eternal depression. He is not only a prophet, but the prophet, and the remnant of loyal followers of Yahweh follow his divinely inspired lead. His patience and long-suffering are truly inspiring.

Jeremiah’s father, Hilkiah the Priest, discovered lost scripture in the Holy Temple while Jeremiah was still a boy. Known in the last days as the Book of Deuteronomy, these scriptures contained the prophecies concerning the destruction of Jerusalem and the horrors that should befall the Holy City should the Covenant People fall from grace.