A hardened soldier who will be softened by the death of uriah and eventually become a member of the Rebellion in the days of lehi.

Father to Narushta, a previous Queen of Judah, and thus father-in-law  to Jehoiakim, a previous King of Judah. The Bible records Elnathan taking Uriah the Prophet from Egypt, but later on, under the same king, Jehoiakim, he defends the words of Jeremiah along with Gemariah.  Elnathan’s father Achbor was an officer of Josiah, King of Judah (father of Jehoiakim and Zedekiah) who was one of five people that took the book of the law that Jeremiah’s father Hilkiah the Priest found to a prophetess named Huldah. Whew!  What a sentence. Later in From the Dust, probably after Jeremiah tells Nephi the story of how Jehoiakim burned his prophecies and Elnathan defended him against the king, thus beginning Elnathan’s conversion to the Rebellion, Nephi will meet Elnathan and the readers will see that Elnathan has adopted Nimrod, Uriah’s “dog” (called a Keleb in From the Dust). This is a tender moment for people who miss Uriah, and a subtle nod to how powerful Uriah’s death was in the life of Elnathan.