A stalwart youth who abhors violence and loves the simple life.


Nephi is a multi-talented prodigy...but a 12-year-old one. No one knows that his destiny is to become a legend…least of all him.

As the youngest of four brothers Nephi has to work extra hard to keep up — and the amazing thing is — he does. His remarkable accomplishments are often overlooked because of their simplicity, but it does not change their significance. When his hard work does get overlooked, he makes it a point not to let it get him down.

Nephi does his best to do his part. As the youngest it’s often his job to do menial tasks — washing the dishes, carrying the supplies, or running errands. But his father taught him that even the smallest tasks, when executed well and with diligence, make a powerful, meaningful difference. And Nephi believes his father.

Nephi has spent most of his lifetime in the land of his family’s inheritance. The entire family has been involved with the construction of Lehi’s Estate, a fine manor located in a mountain valley near Hebron. The beautiful home was designed by Lehi and continues to be refined by Sariah and the rest of the family. Nephi helps his mother daily as they terrace the hillside, build gardens and walls, and prepare the estate for lifelong residency.

Circumstance will reveal that little Nephi is mighty strong. The fate of his family — and his people — will one day rest on his small shoulders.


A muscly male with little tact and no agenda.



Lemuel is largely a product of his environment. If it weren’t for his elder brother Laman he wouldn’t really know what to do with himself. They are two halves of the same trouble-making spirit — Laman the cunning mastermind and Lemuel the willing, durable participant. They’ve been known to pick a few fights — but not lose them.


Don’t let Lemuel’s refined and educated upbringing fool you. The last thing on his mind is high culture. When he cooks, it’s in a blender. When he womanizes, it’s with a club. If he were able to schedule his own time rather than follow his father’s rigorous routines he’d…he’d…wait a second…what’s a “schedule” again?


I’m going fishing.


A talented, athletic young man who does everything right — at least, so it appears on the outside.



Laman, although still a teenager, is already known and respected in many places as the Heir of Lehi. As Lehi’s eldest son, Laman bears the birthright. Lehi has trained, educated, and prepared him in every way possible for his ultimate inheritance of the family business, its fortunes, and its reputation.


Laman’s life has been one of rigorous expectations. His father’s standards are high — so high, in fact, that Laman has struggled to meet them, despite his powerful strength and keen intelligence. On the one hand, Lehi’s standards have helped push Laman to be the top in his class — both athletically and academically — but on the other, they have filled Laman’s life with stress. Sometimes, when the circumstances have been difficult, Laman has chosen to utilize less-than-honest means to achieve his goals. It has allowed him more time to do the things he loves — hunting, traveling, and spending time with his friends — while at the same time keeping his father off his back. Although he knows his father would disapprove, Laman is reaching a point where he wonders if anything could truly placate his father’s seemingly insatiable — and unattainable — dreams.


At the end of the day, Laman knows he’s set for life — the family fortune is enormous, the family business is strong, and his birthright inheritance is guaranteed…provided he doesn’t break the rules too much.