Tell the biggest story never told

The story of Jeremiah in the Old Testament is one of the greatest real-life epics of all time, yet it remains one of the least read stories in all scripture. When I started this project I had little knowledge of this great prophet, or his world. For reasons unknown to me, his book has remained "buried" in the Old Testament for the vast majority of comprehend the many nuances of history that it records. The more I learned of it, the more I realized it As a storyteller, I am inspired by drama and adventure. This is a story that has inspired me and I am determined to bring it to life. It is inseparably connected to Nephi in the Book of Mormon. I believe their story should be provided to the world "without money and without price." From the Dust's mission is to tell this story in a meaningful and memorable way for audiences of all ages.

From the Dust draws on primary source materials for inspiration including the Bible, the Book of Mormon, historical documents from antiquity, and artifacts. Many other non-primary source materials are also used, such as modern scholarly commentaries.

The visuals of From the Dust - as you might have guessed - are fantasized. But they are not arbitrary. The flora and fauna of the real world make their way into From the Dust and the poetic language of the scriptures drives the visual style. If Isaiah compares the sins of the people to dry leaves blowing in the wind, then you will find the same motif in a From the Dust comic. If Jeremiah compares Babylon to a fierce dragon destroying his people - then that drives the visuals for the armies of Babylon.

Our goal is to make a world that feels as epic as the story it tells and as magical as the spiritual realm that guides so much of our physical lives. We believe there is value in taking the time to imagine what it might have been like for Jeremiah, Nephi, and others to experience the events they recorded. We believe that by so doing we can come to know them better.

— Michael Mercer, Author & Creative Director of From the Dust

For more detailed reasons on why From the Dust is being created you can read a fairly lengthy article by Mike Mercer, creator of From the Dust, entitled "The Biggest Story Never Told."